The New Old Thesis Project concluded:

the new old poster flattened

Well overdue, this will (perhaps) be the final blogpost on this thesis blog, as the final presentation is concluded, and I am now graduated a Master of Industrial Design 🙂

The presentation did not go free of problems (as to be expected); the sensors` main concern was still the relevancy for elderly users (it was difficult to indicate to them that they would be among the target users). My research had been done in a much too superficial manner (on this I agree, since I tried to reach over way too much, and had too little time at the end to include it all; too much was condensed and therefore possibly too inconsequent), my idea-bank and cultural reflections (such as japanese emotional approach to technology) were among the things that pulled the project in a positive direction.

The concepts came across perhaps as too strange, weak, or unorthodox, and not well enough supported by research and convincing retoric. I did find it difficult to combine a future projection aimed at a demographic this particular, however, I do feel that I have touched on some central and interesting issues to the way of doing design for the future old. The focus on subcultural belonging, personal political conviction and continued self-expression I am convinced will be among the aspects which will define the Grey Wave as fundamentally different from today`s elderly, and that it will influence the design done for them, and by themselves, in a profound way. This was the main focus of each of my thesis concepts.

They are:

Membank, a location specific mobile phone service which lets you tag memory files to specific locations and share them with family members and leave behind in a personal memory vault to be seen also by future generations.


Blocker Buttons, a political statement against invasive surveillance technology in society, made for elderly activists. 3_Blockerwear

Goggle News, the elderly`s own freely distributed blogger newspaper.goggle news stack copy

*Thanks to Stefano Mirti and Id-Lab for the collaboration! Probably be seeing you alot from now on 😉