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Apropos the “Prometheus World” presentation; here is another future presentation from Casaleggio Associates; a presentation less impressive graphically, but with convincing content.

Here`s EPIC 2015

Current exhibition at MoMA. I don`t even need to comment…

See the online exhibition>

This presentation shows part of what I`ve been researching so far; the prosumer society, and the new media spawning new services for a combined virtual and physical world. Enjoy the graphic flow…

Lee Houghton, 60, Realtor, common law, no children I see us as a very powerful generation in comparison to our parents` generation. Many of us are not willing to become doddering and ineffectual old people. I mean, I’m 60, but I don’t feel 60. I look in the mirror, I don’t see 60. I really don’t think that a lot of people are going to become “old”. I have a pretty arrogant attitude about being a boomer. There’s nowhere in the generational evolution I’d choose to be. So what are we looking for? To have a good time.”

“..I have this vision of myself, so I when I look in the mirror I go, “Whoa, I’m 50!” But I get over it fast enough. I remember I’m not 26 anymore. I’m 51. And if that’s on my face, that’s cool.

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