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I received a comment from a german mediastudent who is as concerned with privacy as perhaps many more of us should be, and told me about his reaction to his new RFID tagged passport he got for his coming trip to Mexico. He raised questions about the safety of this technology, and told me how he went about it to ensure that his data was safe. He found a company that sells aluminium covers especially made for passports to protect your data from unathorized access; as reported from this german newsfeed.

He also posts a scary reference to what he feels is: “a society which dictators would dream of”, in his hands..

See his blog here > (in german).

Although I`ve talked to older adults today regarding privacy issues, it seems that most of the people actively concerned with privacy issues today are younger people; it is more common among today`s elderly to accept to a greater extent the regulations and restrictions laid down by the government, but will the boomer generation feel the same?

Based on what I`ve heard and read, I would say they are as concerned about their privacy as younger people are; they are, after all, the ones who have tought us about the freedoms we enjoy today.

(This is a small article about the law giving you insight into your files in the Norwegian Police Sikkerhetstjenste that`s been recorded from the 1970`s until today. It was recently revoked. The norwegians who has been under surveillance include protesters from the leftwing movement in the early 70`s. )

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